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Job Opening Information School Business Administrator

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School Business Administrator
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
Salary/Pay Scale
$100,000.00-$110,000.00 per year
Job Description

The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District has an opening for a School Business Administrator.   The successful candidate will need to:

Acts as an assistant to the Superintendent of Schools, serves as a member of the Superintendent of Schools’ cabinet and central staff, and acts as principal adviser to the Superintendent of Schools in matters associated with school business affairs. 

The School Business Administrator’s job duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating the views of administrators, teachers, parents, and community members in translating the educational needs of students and the aspirations of the community into a composite financial plan.
  • Administering the budget and control the day-to-day expenditures of the District in order to keep within the preplanned limits.
  • Establishing and supervising the accounting system necessary to provide school officials and administrators with accurate financial facts to inform policies and decisions.
  • Providing the proper safeguards for the custody of public funds and makes possible complete and revealing reporting for both local and statewide purposes.
  • Serving in an active role for collective negotiations with the unions.
  • Negotiating and administering contracts with outside agencies and contractors.
  • Developing suggested policy revisions in keeping with appropriate laws in fund accounting, including extra classroom and other public funds.
  • Recruiting personnel for all positions in the area of school business management.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of Human Resources functions.
  • Developing policies and procedures for personnel matters in accordance with laws.
  • Working cooperatively with the Director of Operations/Assistant School Business Administrator in the coordination of all school business management activities.
  • Completing other duties and fulfilling other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.
Job Qualifications
  • NYS Certification in School Business Administration (either School Business Administrator (SBA) or School District Business Leader (SDBL)
Application Procedure

Send cover letter and resume to Superintendent Matthew Sickles,

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District Wide

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